Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY Project: #437

OK... So in continuing to shed light on the contrast between the life of Ryan Astamendi and myself, I have decided to create a new entry in the Hall of Shame. This episode is called: "Stay-cation Side Project." Featured below is a description of a home improvement project that I decided to tackle whilst enjoying my week off from Disney. And to conclude, in sharp contrast, will be how Ryan spent the same week at his home while still working. One of us was actually on vacation and one of us was not. You be the judge.

So there's a small space that divides the unattached garage from my house. It's a bit of a mess and recently our dog, Benji, has taken to digging up the area and escaping underneath the fence from time to time. Here's how it used to look:

I figured now would be a good time to tackle this problem and create a space that's both livable and secure for the dog. The old, dirty lava rock mulch was a nuisance because it's too light weight and makes a mess anytime I try to use the blower. Easy ladies. So the first thing to do is to remove it.

After clearing the area of the mulch I then had to trim a section of chicken wire to staple across the base of the fence. In order to ensure the dog cannot dig, the wire has to be cut at a long enough length to bury it in the ground directly under the fence. So I dug about 4 inches down and rolled the wire backwards away from the fence. Then I covered the wire with the back fill dirt.

Next I tamped the area flat and then laid out the bricks. I angled the ones resting against the fence as a further deterrent for the dog.

After the bricks were all secured I measured the space and cut a piece of landscape fabric to fit, making sure it was long enough, though, to allow me to tuck it under the bricks.

DIY Tip: Whenever laying bricks or paving stones always try to sweep dirt or sand in between. Over time, the dirt settles and holds the bricks more securely in place. Am I turning you on yet, ladies?

And finally, I filled the space with a heavier rock mulch called, Mexican Sea Pebbles. You can find it at Home Depot but I was able to get it in bulk for cheaper at a local stone yard.

Beautiful right? What more can a man ask for other than to gaze upon his home and see the fruits of his labor shine like the...uhhh...

I mean, shine like...umm...

This is Suelyn. She was nice enough to pose for Ry the same week.

Stupid f#!@ing rocks.