Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meeting Sketches 5/13


Vince M said...

Nice. I like the Tuzon gaze, the chia pet arms on Shelly and the blank expression on Eddis. B+

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Yes, you captured a lot of nice subtleties of each of their personalities. Keep up the posts! Hope you're enjoying your time off.

Eric Hutchison said...

Thanks fellas! I can always count on the two of you. And, yes, I am very much enjoying my "Stay-cation."

Dorota said...

You can count on me too. great sketches!!!Except your link dissapeared from my links. Had to go through Vincee's

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

good likeness on these guys. i kinda feel like you're in an "inbetween" space. it's sort of graphic (shape conscious) and sort of sketchy. don't give up on the hands. the drawing of Rich is about his eyes but, it's the relationship between his eyes and his hands that tells the story. i fell let down that his hand isn't as important in the drawing as it should have been.

Did you do your avatar? very graphic and deliberate. i love it.

i often feel like your drawings are driven by shape but, not quite committed to that idea. for example, eddie's hair is a shape and then filled in. the sketchy stuff feels like an after thought. it should (i believe) be the tool you use to find the shape and surface and volume all at the same time.

or take for example someone like eric tan, who's work is very graphic as well. his sketchy stuff is a means to getting him to a place to find the right shapes. he is going after shape in a very specific and deliberate way and the sketchy stuff is in the service of that specific idea. he then uses line weight to control the dominance of some shapes. does that make sense?

the caricature of you, ry and vince has good likeness (which is the toughest thing to do) but, again feels a bit inbetween shape and illustration. i would love to see you push it further, to reduce the complexity of some of what you have to a more distilled refined image.

i do stop in from time to time. you don't post often enough and i don't leave messages because i always start out like this and then decide to leave you alone. but, what the hell? i offer my opinion and you can take it or leave it.

i also added a link to your blog to mine so, start posting.

Eric Hutchison said...

John, you rock! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comments. Your opinion is always welcome and appreciated.

There's so much that I'd like to say in response but I'd rather sit down with you at work sometime and have a dialogue about it. Would that be cool?

But I will say this for the benefit of others who visit: I try very hard to post personal work that is worthy of viewing. There's honestly just not a lot of it because of time these days. Not many people can empathize with my schedule and I'm doing the best with what I have right now. While I do feel that my personal work is lagging, my professional work (Disney) has been developing at a pace that I'm extremely proud of. It's not always easy to blur the lines between personal and professional for me so I often have to focus on one or the other. If anyone ever has suggestions on how to balance the two better I'm always open to advice.

Thanks to all and thanks Quinn for taking the time!

John T. Quinn 3rd said...

anytime. we should sched a drink and draw for the team.