Monday, August 24, 2009

Bizarro World

My co-worker and good friend, Ryan Astamendi, and I always joke with each other about how vastly different our lives are. Every Monday we deliver the standard, "What did you do this weekend?" My weekends usually consist of yard work, birthday parties and early bedtimes. His weekends usually consist of...Well, let's just say that his weekends yield new photos of half-naked brunettes. Bastard!

Anyhoo, last Saturday I was knee-deep in tree roots and thinking to myself, "This is as pure an example of what I do on weekends as anything! I really need to document this. Hopefully I can laugh about it...Otherwise, I'm going to cry!

And this is how Ry spent his weekend.



Ry's Photo Blog said...

You're gonna be so happy when I start doing yard work! Thanks for the reach around.

MOOZIQU said...

OMG - cracking up in my quiet corner!!!!
(looking around if anybody heard my weird giggling .... nope,whew!)

That was a hilarious blog, Eric!!

Vince M said...

You're pulling out roots and Ry's picking flowers. Very funny stuff, Hutch.

ED said...

WOW ! Love how they peek out from under the swimsuit.

Great job R...?

Oh wait, this is Hutches blog.
Um, hmm? Uh, nice tree root?

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

Hey Eric!

This is too funny and sadly true!

It was fun comparing parenting notes with you today and nothing compares to the hugs and kisses you get from your kids! I'm actually glad I am not single these days..Sienna makes us belly laugh all the time, we laugh right thru the sleep deprivation!

See ya at work!


Vince M said...

I think you've found your niche, observational humor. Keep going with this kind of thing, your observations are clear and funny. Thought-provoking, too.

Ry's Photo Blog said...

Uhh.............seriously? It's time for a post buddy.